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Blooming Hope: Harvesting smiles in Port-de-Paix (2010) features the reality of Elicoeur Beaubrun, a coffee farmer from the town of Ma Wouj, Tata Dumasie, an artisan woma...more
GREENFIELDS, BROWNFIELDS explores the opinions of those who are affected by urban development in a city like London, UK. It shows some of the crashes occurring as a result o...more
"Growing regional" is a journey through the farming practices in Berlin and its surrounding state Brandenburg. The close distance to Berlin enables farmers to come u...more
Second Nature is a 18-minute documentary on Janne Saario, a skateboarder turned landscape architect. This film gives a glimpse of Saario's thoughts and dreams, and reveals th...more
This is the story of Aboriginal peoples struggling to access healthy food in northern Manitoba. Despite the grinding poverty and many other barriers to accessing healthy foo...more
A Farmer's Tale offers an insight into the life of a former opium poppy grower in the Pa-O region of Myanmar's southern Shan State. Strikingly photographed, this short documentar...more
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