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Berlin has always attracted individuals with unusual ways of life, which don't conform to normal social conventions. For more than half a year Julia Ostertag took her camera roun...more
1hr 11mins
'The Cave of Fertility' is a holy cave where the sangomas or traditional healers of the Sotho people have lived for centuries. Pilgrims from all over Lesotho and South Afric...more
Growing Fairness is a short documentary film about “growing” restorative justice in city schools. Often, passionate educators lead these cultural shifts in school...more
Isabel and Antonio are human rights activists. They were awakened by the loud noise of sirens and the roar of thousands of screams. They grabbed whatever was at han...more
Thirty-five years after its independence from the Portuguese colonial rule, Goa is definitely a state of many contrasts. Together with a strong migrating Hindu population, there i...more
1hr 32mins
Through the trip of a man and a woman claiming the bodies of their beloved brother and husband the "Falsos Positivos" scandal is unfolded in all its tragic dimensions. A forme...more
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