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Shadow of the House is an intimate portrait of the Cuban-American photographer Abelardo Morell. Morell’s life is utterly ordinary on the surface but ou...more
1hr 14mins
Death may be a moment, but dying is a journey. If one could tell a symbolic story of our own leave-taking journey, what might it look like? "Tending Toward Silence" tells th...more
'Born Positive' is a documentary about three young Londoners who were born with HIV. Due to the stigma they have to face, their stories were filmed with actors lip-syncin...more
The inspirational story Bennie D. Warner, who grew up in a poor Liberian village. He learned how to read and write at the age of 15 and rose to the vice presidency of the th...more
For 45 years, Hans-Erik has lived isolated behind iron barred windows and doors. He didn’t answer the phone or opened the door. His decision to live in a bubble was take...more
Anita O’Day was one of the greatest of American jazz singers and this is her astonishing story—a journey of survival, and above all the endurance of her talent, tol...more
1hr 31mins
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