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The Sufi poets of Pakistan over the years have spread the message of love, tolerance and harmony among people through their poetry of spiritualism and mysticism. Among thes...more
It is self-evident that all humans are created equal, yet some perform extraordinary achievements and others live a life of emptiness never reaching their full potentia...more
1hr 21mins
Topics and Questions Covered in this Satsang: * How does one deal with the doubt that awareness will last? * Can one be in a relationship and find the true Self? * Wha...more
2hr 20mins
Nowadays we often hear about people who temporarily leave their body, either during an accident or some other, often extreme circumstance. This we usually find difficult t...more
Wiriya was raised a Buddhist, but like many women who wish to advance in their practice, she came up against walls of sexism within the traditional Theravada order. I...more
For those fortunate enough to encounter them, the unique insights and research of Rudolf Steiner have long been a source of wonder and inspiration. Since his death in 192...more
1hr 33mins
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