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This is a story about a boy who was abandoned by both his parents. It is a small documentary about his life experiences and his dreams for the future.
"My mother is from a Jewish Gypsy antique salesman/musician family and my father is the descendant of a Jewish military doctor family, and I originate from the unusual mix fro...more
This video for Real Look shows us how a behavior plan and reward system is helping a 10 year old boy make progress at camp and in life!
In 90 MILES, Cuban-American filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar, recounts the strange twist of fate that propelled his family to risk their lives across one of the world's mos...more
Raul is 75 years old. He lives in Montevideo, in a little white house with his 37-year-old wife Susana and his 5-year-old daughter Sofia. Both Raul and Susana work lon...more
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The author William Saroyan, the child of an exiled Armenian family, was born in the United States in 1908. He always portrayed himself as an American and a Bitlis‐tsi, a...more
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