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Once numbering in the millions and found throughout Pakistan, Vultures are now at the brink of extinction. This documentary reveals the reason behind their disappearanc...more
Maguey is a film that shows the validity of the maguey plant in peasant and indigenous society and its overwhelming influence on Mexican art and politics. Once a symbol o...more
Anything can be recycled. Besides trash, ideas, actions and destinies can be adapted to a new reality. This is how a community from Brazil faces the damages caused by wast...more
The land that has sustained the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, People of the Lakes, in the Far North of Yukon Canada is undergoing rapid changes from global warmin...more
This documentary has been made in the Peruvian Amazon and it shows the pernicious effect of economic globalization in the Amazon and the inhabitants of the first biodiversit...more
"40+2 weeks, a documentary with a humorous undertone, examines how contemporary women relate to childbirth, what options they have to choose between in making thei...more
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