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In 90 MILES, Cuban-American filmmaker Juan Carlos Zaldivar, recounts the strange twist of fate that propelled his family to risk their lives across one of the world's mos...more
The film tells a story about how a perfect day in the little Bosnian town of Srebrenica looks today. The town shows visible scars from the recent war. The angel appears in th...more
A short documentary I made about my brother battling cancer and how it affected his artwork. The film explores the concept of art for therapy's sake. During the early stage...more
Birsen Basar, a young Dutch-Turkish woman, is diagnosed with autism at 21. She is relieved to finally know why she is different. But soon she realizes that people's expectation...more
Partially blinded by an unknown illness at 3 and sent out to work on the tough streets of Kano in Nigeria at 9, Aisha Sani Abdullahi's life prospects were not great. However, ...more
Parisa Yousef Doust embarks on an emotional journey to unravel the mysterious past of her aunt Nahied, who, after spending many years in prison in Iran, resides in ...more
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