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Dance Your Asperger’s Off (DYAO) is a story about improving one’s his mental and physical health through the language of movement. DYAO features a teenage boy, Zac...more
"Tenzin Vasiljević" is a documentary that offers the personal story of Ivana—a single mother from Serbia who adopted a little boy from Tibet, with whom she now lives i...more
The story begins with Andrea being born. She is premature, beautiful and different. Her parents start a search that lasts more than a year, until Andrea is finally diagnose...more
1hr 2mins
"Flesh on Fire: Addicted to a Dream" is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on an intimate roller coaster of pain and joy. Actor Donnie Faught climb...more
1hr 39mins
You'll never sing again, said her doctor. But in a story from the very edge of medical possibility, operatic soprano Charity Tillemann-Dick tells a double story of survival ...more
Parisa Yousef Doust embarks on an emotional journey to unravel the mysterious past of her aunt Nahied, who, after spending many years in prison in Iran, resides in ...more
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