When Ursula Bodmer came into the world deaf and blind in 1951, her mother abandoned her immediately after giving birth. The doctors in Zurich did not expect her to live long. But despite such prognoses, Ursula is now a 60-year-old woman – cared for with a great deal of affection for five decades by Anita Utzinger, her foster mother. Where does Ursula get her strength to live? And where does Anita Utzinger get the energy for her relationship with Ursula? The film tells this story in stirring image... more

1hr 26mins

This is a true story of Dr. Ata Safavi, a retired urologist who used to live in Toronto for the last four years. In 1947, at the age of 20, Safavi who was a leftist activist in Iran was threatened by (Mohammad Reza) Shah’s agents with exile to a remote town in south of Iran. Thus, he decided to escape to the Soviet Union, which many Iranians envisioned as a Communist's paradise. For his attempted illegal entry into the Soviet Union, he was immediately captured and sentenced to two years i... more


The protagonists are kids who were living on the streets of Buenos Aires in 1999. How would their futures be? Shot over ten years, this film explores three different moments in the lives of these kids as they grow up living life like a game. Like in a collage, daily and intimate scenes piece together the experience of being marginalized, the search for inclusion and the particular outlook of those who observe them. "Años de Calle" (Street Years) traverses an intermediate spac... more

1hr 13mins

"Not a Statistic" is about the Hollis family's daily struggle with mitochondrial disease, their fight to find a cure, and their passion to make a difference.


Lovely RITA celebrates New Zealand painter Rita Angus. She lived and worked at a time in New Zealand when being a full-time artist was not only unusual, it was hardly considered to be a serious occupation. Her paintings were undervalued during her lifetime but appreciated by a small, informed group of supporters including the composer Douglas Lilburn, with whom she maintained a lifelong close friendship. Over 300 letters from Rita to Douglas were in his possession when he died recently, and thes... more

1hr 9mins

The director’s father, who did not know how to use a computer, left her an autobiography via e-mail. The 43 e-mails are a regretful autobiography of the director’s father, as well as a letter for forgiveness and reconciliation with his family members, with whom he had not really talked. It recounts his whole life through many notable events such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, 88’s Seoul Olympic, New Town Development project, etc. The director reflects on the life an... more

1hr 27mins

Poland, mid 60's. A fragmented family in a poor neighborhood. The mother, separated from her Polish husband, spends most of her time working to provide the basic needs for her two sons, who are 10 and 14 years old. Left to their own devices, the boys join a neighborhood gang with a strong Neo-Nazi orientation. One day the gang enters a Jewish neighborhood, beating and stabbing some youngsters, and are arrested by the police. The mother succeeds in convincing the police to release her sons, but i... more

1hr 35mins
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When the phone rang on a Friday evening, six years ago, Ayal Goldberg, who had just turned 34, packed a bag, put o... more


  • David Graham Sc...
    United Kingdom
  • David Cherniack
  • Dezer Christian
  • Madhusree Dutta
  • Nikos Alpandaki...
  • Helle Faber
  • Youngwoong Jang
    United States
  • Enza Negroni
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