Seven years earlier, Alicia was seriously injured in a car accident. It was her brain, rather than her body, that suffered, and this is the story of her long journey of recovery. Not content with just regaining a 'normal life,' Alicia pursues her original dreams of becoming an actress. Through Beth, the main character from Sam Shepard's play "A Lie of the Mind," Alicia is able to express the common experiences of brain injury, her alienation from society for being different, and her lack of inhibition... more


The movie talks about a Slovenian man picturing the world of images from the past. We experience this world with Rudolf Strmečnik, or Ruda, through his revival and recreation of old traditions, work life, and habits. His versatile skills are the center of events. In this film, there are no descriptions, comments, or explanations from the outside. Ruda starts working with old tools as a coal miner, charcoal maker, and wood worker, showing us a different image and an authentic outfit of events b... more


The story of Sonya Shatalova is a story of a girl with muteness and autism. For Sonya, this film is the only way to share her vision and insights into the things that she sees and knows, that are not seen or known by others. The documentary is based on her diaries and poems. She wants to transmit a revealing and touching message, a message that may not be accepted by all the Russian society. IN AUT means to be out of the game, to be in the middle of nowhere, lost in time, with neither past no... more


“Seeds Of Aloha” tells the story of the extraordinary life lived by Hawaii’s Renaissance Man, George Kahumoku Jr. He is a multiple Grammy Award & Hoku Award winning master slack key guitarist, songwriter, world-traveling performer, high school teacher and college professor, artist and sculptor, storyteller and writer, farmer and entrepreneur. His music, teaching, art, and influence have reached from Hawaii across the globe. George’s Hawaiian life is a harmonious example of how he is a produc... more

1hr 39mins

From a family of doctors and artists, welcomed by the students of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa when he started writing ‘The Leopard’, surgeon and anthropologist Umberto Eco defined Antonio Pasqualino as "the man of the puppets". His love for the Sicilian Puppet Theatre matured in Palermo before the war and bloomed into the dedication of a great scholar, collector and promoter of the preservation of popular heritage. The narrative of the dedication of a whole life meshes with th... more


This film is about a young disabled man who has lost his both eyes and hands due to a mine that exploded in his hands. It happened while he was serving in the military. This film is about his life, family and his efforts to learn swimming and diving — in a word, how he came back to life. Now he is probably the only blind diver in the world.


The story begins with Andrea being born. She is premature, beautiful and different. Her parents start a search that lasts more than a year, until Andrea is finally diagnosed with a rare syndrome called 5p- or Cri du Chat. She has lost a small part of her Chromosome 5. To find an order to her thoughts, sorrows and frustrations, Andrea's mother, Lisa Pram, keeps a Little Black Book - a very personal book with texts, drawings and photographs, which the film is based on. Coming to terms wit... more

1hr 2mins
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Matt Clark's dream of becoming a professional rodeo cowboy was shattered after suffering a severe spinal cor... more


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