This documentary film focuses on the global economic crisis—its impact on the working class and the responses by trade unions, government and big business in South Africa. It includes interviews with leading trade unionists, workers, community members, NGO workers and academics. This film is decidedly left-wing and critical in its approach and attempts to explain the crisis in Marxist terms. It also poses serious questions about the dominant responses to the crisis that hurts the working class an... more


No Problem! - Six Months with the Barefoot Grandmamas is about the rural solar electrification project run by the Barefoot College in the village of Tilonia in the state of Rajasthan, India, where numerous illiterate rural women from all over the world, particularly Africa, are being trained as solar engineers. The solar-electrification project symbolizes hope, as a simple idea originating from a little-known village in India has the potential to impact global communities. The film follows the stor... more


‘La Violencia’ documents the lives of the indigenous Mayan women of Guatemala. Guatemala is explored from its violent history to its current fragile state, through the personal stories of indigenous women and activists and narrated by Aidan Gillen. Guatemala’s armed conflict tore the country apart for 36 years, claiming the lives of over 200,000 men, women and children. In 2013 Guatemala became the first country in history to put a former head of state on trial for genocide in a domestic cour... more

1hr 9mins

In 2008, a series of attacks against Latino residents of Patchogue, New York culminated in the murder of Marcelo Lucero, an Ecuadorian immigrant who lived in the Long Island village for 13 years. Over a two-year period, the story follows Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri, the victim's brother Joselo Lucero, and diverse Patchogue residents as they address the underlying causes of the violence, work to heal divisions, and take steps to ensure everyone in their town will be safe and respected.


Gustavo Dudamel, the amazingly gifted Venezuelan conductor, educated entirely though "El Sistema", leads this journey through the stories of some of the young people who are experiencing the joy of music in the most diverse and contrasting corners of the world. Filmed in seven different countries, "DUDAMEL: Let the Children Play" is an opportunity to glimpse the world of Gustavo Dudamel: orchestras, conducting, and the importance of art as a hopeful path to face the educational crisis worldwide... more

1hr 26mins

'Darfur – War for Water' is about a mission, that Tomo Kriznar, a human rights activist and (former) Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek's special emissary in Darfur, made. While Kriznar presents Slovenian peace initiative to various fractions of Sudanese Liberation Army, he films the very emotional and invaluable talks with main rebel leaders and civilians. This is the first film about Darfur, which enables the rest of the world to have an insight into the mentality of the rebels in Darfur an... more

1hr 29mins

Isabel and Antonio are human rights activists. They were awakened by the loud noise of sirens and the roar of thousands of screams. They grabbed whatever was at hand, including a camcorder. They switched it on and started recording what their eyes could not believe: the savage assault and destruction of the largest protest camp ever raised in the Sahara: Gdeim Izik. The Moroccan security forces burning haimas, firing tear gas all around and beating whoever lied ahead. Shots were heard. Childre... more

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In Rio de Janeiro, about 13 km from Christ the Redeemer, two Portuguese brothers ventured into the most feare... more


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