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Earth Focus Programming
Nov 9, 2010
Filmmakers on Water

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People in three adjacent Pennsylvania communities suffer
from a rare blood cancer. In Juliette, Georgia, where
radioactive water flows from the tap, people are als...

Earth Focus

India is rivaling China -- in its plans to consume coal.
India is aggressively expanding construction of coal fired
power plants to meet growing energy needs. Some 455 ne...

Earth Focus
Is climate change igniting turmoil around the world? Is it
contributing to unrest in the Middle East and North Africa?
Will it affect our capacity to respond to crises at home...
Earth Focus
This episode features author and illustrator Lynne Cherry on
"Young Voices for the Planet," her film series about young
people making positive environmental change. Featured film...
Earth Focus
First poachers and now, coal? Over 1,000 rhino were killed
for their horn in 2013. Poachers have killed nearly 500
rhino in South Africa in 2014 alone. Plans for an open cas...
Earth Focus
The promise of jobs from a proposed uranium mill has an
economically devastated mining community in Colorado
hopeful for the first time in decades. Whe...
Earth Focus
As many as 10,000 dolphins are slaughtered off the coast of
Peru each year solely for shark bait. Correspondent Jim
Wickens reports on this illegal practice in an origina...
Earth Focus
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