SUBMIT FILMS : Peace, War & Conflict

While the intense suffering of Ukraine is being witnessed by the world, as artists and storytellers, isn’t it our responsibility today to prompt and extend the global collective contemplation that may hold the potential of emancipating our species and permanently stop the war-play being repeated over and over again in the human history? Let’s sponsor the contemplation to fully understand the fear or control driven aggression; the devastation projecting people into loss, grief or even new wars and conflicts; the hopeless stuck-ness of our species into the psyche of ‘otherness’ and the ‘separative-nationalisms’ which only keeps us moored into mindless masculinity and disharmony of our nations & cultures, and certainly keeps us away from our goal of manifesting peace. With this film-event, Culture Unplugged aspires to build a scholarly collection of content centered around the chief topic of the contemplation and invites you to participate your voices and present your films in this collection.



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