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The Good, The Bad, and the Documentary: On Deontology of Representation and Ethics of Interpretation

In The Five Obstructions (Denmark, 2003) Lars von Trier is asking Jørgen Leth to remake his own 1967 short film The Perfect Human. Not once, but five ...

Rituals for Lover Earth

The medicine man enters the outer vestibule of the sacred healing chamber. He dons the ceremonial vestments and performs the ritual ablutions, purifyi...

Dissident Cinema: Defying the Logic of Globalization

This paper first appeared as a chapter in Global Studies Association 2007 Annual Book. The intent for its republication is to facilitate reflection on...

Lists and Limits

Bow when meeting someone (even if you’ve met them already.) When giving something to someone (money, papers, a business card,) do so with both hands. ...

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