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Share the expressions of global writers in their quest to discover:



Terrible Beauty

I grew up by the sea, so close I could taste the salt of her sweat in every breath. The Pacific coast cradled my childhood and early adolescence, easi...

Beyond Doublespeak: True Lies in the Battle for the Word

Since the dawn of history there have been wars. In the present the United States is involved in at least three: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan with mi...

Roses, too

“We want bread, but we want roses, too!, their signs read.The march was made mostly of women, who had organized the strike and asked for decorous sa...

12 Angry Men: Justice by A Minority

Put 12 men in a room, give them a situation with limited facts, and tell them to draw a consensus on their verdict. Chances are they will revert withi...

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