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Set in the San Francisco Bay Area, "Living Inside Out" is a short experimental documentary that explore... more
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"Not a Still Life" is a documentary portrait of Steve Stone, a spirited, older gay, Jewish man who shares the naked truth of the struggles, joys and sorrows of his unconventiona... more
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After the sudden death of his father, director Andrew Morgan sets out to explore the meaning of loss in each of our lives. Void of easy answers, this is an honest exploration into the journey of hurt and hope that makes us human. Shot in cities across America, the film features intimate conversations with people from all walks of life who have experienced the loss of a loved one. In addition, leading professionals on grief and loss speak into the effects of losing a loved one includin... more

1hr 19mins

Jascha is a young deaf art student who doesn’t care much about the hearing world. But he can't escape it if he wants to fulfill his ambitions. This makes him rebellious and uncertain. Armed with a camera, he visits Europe’s only home for elderly deaf people and tries to find out how these people have lived their lives. They tell him about their youth, when sign language was forbidden, and about their struggles against embarrassment and indignities. Though Jascha's world is very different he find... more


Cali was born in 1998. At four months old, she started to shake her head uncontrollably, like she was having seizures. We brought this up to our pediatrician at the time, but she didn’t show too much concern. We wanted a second opinion. This new pediatrician took one look at Cali’s reflexes and knew something was wrong. Over the next months, Cali’s tremors started getting worse and worse. She was violently shaking, and her eyes would roll to the back of her head. It looked like she was having ... more


Lourdes and Mentxu Arrieta were born with a serious problem: although they were sisters and used to spend all their time together, an illness concerning their bodies prevented them from communicating with each other. They couldn't use neither voice nor hands. Then, one day, they found their own and original way to do it: through the movements of their eyes. Moving the iris, in silence, is how they communicate. A communication system that was completely original and everyone around them though... more

1hr 24mins

Living together in a flat in Cape Town, Mayra, Zanele and Sarah keep in touch with their mothers by phone. Anna-Maria, Tsepiso, and Hilary all share an intense love for their daughters, and will often call them from their homes in Johannesburg, Gaborone and London. Whenever the phone rings in the flat, a mother is usually at the other end. Conversations flow forth in Spanish, Sotho and Mandarin, about food, sleep, and health; always with a pinch of career advice where deemed necessary. Ye... more


"The Cardboard Bernini," examines the work and life of artist James Grashow as he spends four years building a giant cardboard fountain inspired by the work of the famous Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. James Grashow is an artist who has made—among many other things—giant 15 foot tall fighting men, an anthropomorphized city, and an ocean-- using papier-mâché, fabric, chicken wire and cardboard. More recently, he has begun making sculptures entirely out of corrugated cardboard and twis... more

1hr 16mins

'A dream called America’ is a documentary made on Shahbaz, a 15-year-old boy from Gujarat, India. He is the third among the five children of his father Aftab who makes a living by repairing cycles on a footpath. Shahbaz had studied in the US for a year on a scholarship, where an American couple hosted him. The one year he spent in US changed his attitude, as he experienced a much more comfortable and carefree life than at his real home. After reaching India, he badly wants to go back and settle i... more

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A travelling couple on the Trans-Siberian railway. Equipped with digital cameras, Joana and Bruno record their complicity and their rifts, track their weaknesses an...more
1hr 22mins
A blue-collar "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "Jessie's Dad" follows Lunsford's journey from a West Florida trailer park to Capitol Hill and state capitals and as he fights t...more
Old Soles tells the story of Frank, a 91-year-old shoemaker. For the first time in his life, Frank has stopped working at the shoe repair shop he inherited from his father afte...more
It's an expose of a secret personal world of adult babies, with the focus on an eccentric middle-aged British man with a furry fetish who is locked into a continual state o...more
To be captive is to be confined, both in space and in time. The captive one is not only and necessarily a prisoner, but becomes an inherent part of that space, his identity bein...more
1hr 3mins
One day while driving in Tennessee — and while nine months pregnant — Juana was stopped for a supposed traffic violation (of which she was later cleared). Before she kne...more


  • Aya, a 32-year-old musician lives without boundaries or doubts about her identity. Yaelle, however, is a 29-year old multimedia artist immigrated from France and comes from a conservative family background. The two women fall in love and start creating art-performances together. Their relationship is a love-story—until Yaelle decide... more
  • hear now, the voice of eros,  in cell, in organism calling the self ‘I’,  in all that jazz playing ‘We’ today. spoken here, the language of love, for life, from life – expressions multicolored, subconscious to conscious, seen from the eye,  of a brother, a sister, a friend. narrated by us all, stories of what  drive... more
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    Three young women, who have intellectual impairment, are part of a unique experiment in assisted independent living. Kanika, Maya and Varuni are learning to exercise choices and control in their everyday lives. The evolving project is a solution, but one size will not fit all. A range of options need to be developed. Despite the huge need, there is ... more
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