a dream born in the ‘divine’
winged its way through our ancestors,
to ‘her’ - the soul seeing font of spring
in solid dark water, all around —
ready to melt and merge ‘self’ in life
within, without, all...

that dreamlet became,
the art poured out, for seeking eyes
impregnating and flowing through those’us
to become the reality ‘now’
that is ‘culture unplugged’...
an intuition becoming aspiration becoming,
an intention becoming creative intelligence,
that is ‘becoming’ and ‘being’,
for global human society
awaiting future anew.

a bow in gratitude, to all
partners, collaborators and contributors
for being bliss on this journey to ‘becoming’!

the belief arrived in 2005… What we do matters, but how we do matters more. Individuality matters, but universality matters more. Idealism matters, but humanity matters more. Past & post matters, but present matters more. Product matters, but vision matters more. Process matters, but creativity matters more. Words & images matters, but the whole experience must matter most.

‘Culture Unplugged’ is not just a name of a brand, a studio or a festival; it is a mission, a vision and an aspiration to facilitate integration of disparate parts of the self - the ‘self’ that pervades all - the human, the earth, the cosmos and beyond. It aspires to promote the unity of the global human society and harmony among our ways of seeing and being. It aims to achieve this primarily by leveraging the power of new media/technologies and the art of story-telling; and allow the effort to self-extend to offline events, actions and new designs. But above all, achieve the mission by being the seeker of truth ‘herself’ on the journey ‘her’ vision charts ahead - not just be an organization, but be the way of being - as referred here as ‘She’.

What is cultureunplugged.com?

This platform debuted in May 2008 with Asia + Middle East's first online festival, "East Speaks, Here" (May-December 2008) followed by fifteen festivals since then. cultureunplugged.com presents short length + feature length documentary / film content from independent film-makers and grassroot productions to a global audience, to not only promote the art of film-making, but above all to spread awareness and promote the collective contemplation over global/local challenges. It is an online venue that hosts a festival 6 months every year with themes such as:"We Speak, Here", "Humanity Explored","Green Unplugged" and "Spirit Enlightened". Culture Unplugged festivals support the awakening-global-citizenry in their quest to contemplate on the present form of individual being, the current stage of humanity, the nature/environment, as well as the ever-evolving spirit/consciousness.

The festivals are non-commercial and freely accessible to global audiences. To date, this festival venue has welcomed millions of citizens from 36000+ cities across 231+ countries. The audience is growing and we aspire to deliver perceptive stories and consciousness in collaboration with other contributors and partners. With volunteer teams in India, USA, Indonesia and New Zealand, we are dedicated to bring authentic voices of diverse cultures to an open and global platform - voices that need to be felt and understood, stories and films that connect people from different parts of the world. In other words, this effort is an offering of a media platform, where global citizens gather to witness, contemplate and evolve our collective consciousness.

In brief, Culture Unplugged in its first phase of evolution has existed by and for global community of conscious storytellers, culture explorers and world citizens, to reflect on issues and life experiences in the contemporary world. It has served as a new media studio primarily focused on promoting socially & spiritually sensitive stories/films that does not merely express but pulsate to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace the humanity in us all.

With gratitude, a bow to,


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Not in news :

Culture Unplugged has consciously not taken any active initiative to publicize this efforts via mass media/PR channels, nor participated in special events to self promote. We believe and hope the citizens across the globe will continue to discover this venue organically or via invitations. This effort belongs to all film-makers, viewers, organizations and institutions who has joined the platform to share and enable this effort for our collective evolution.

Inner Workings :

Our efforts are financially supported by independent/personal fund of a private citizen. We will welcome fund in future, from like-spirited institutions whose mission is in global shift of consciousness.
As a team, we enjoy innovation, experimentation, exploration, through live meditation - in short organic creative thinking is our faith. Keeping our system true & pure is our duty-bound pledge. Embracing all is our fundamental precept.

Our Contact :

To join us on our mission as an organization : contact@cultureunplugged.com
To become part of our team or to contribute : apply@cultureunplugged.com

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