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Stanford University's video production unit serves the campus and community from state-of-the-art studios conveniently located on Pampas Lane.

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A radio/television show wants to interview me. What do I do?

Direct them to the Network Feeds page on this website or have them call 650-924-0856 to book time with Stanford Video.

I have an appointment at Stanford Video. Where do I park?

There is one free 20 minute parking spot directly in front of the lobby door. Otherwise, parking at Stanford Video requires a Stanford “C” permit or higher. The studio is a short five-minute walk from free street parking on El Camino Real.

How do I hire you?

Contact any of our staff. We would be happy to help you.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! However, there is a 3.5% processing fee. We take all major credit cards except Discover.

How do I pay for your services?

Stanford University departments supply a PTA or Stanford Hospital and Clinics supply a cost center number and Stanford Video initiates a journal transfer for your approval. You can also pay with cash, check, credit, or be invoiced.

Why do you charge for your services?

Stanford Video is self-supporting service of Stanford University.

Can you put my production on Stanford on iTunes or YouTube?

Yes. Stanford Video can prepare appropriate digital files but first you must complete the Stanford on iTunes or YouTube requirements found here.

Where can I find your price list?

Stanford Video does not publish a price list because each production is uniquely customized. Stanford Video staff will be happy to create a customized estimate for you and deliver it in a timely manner.

Can I rent your equipment?

Equipment rental is only possible with the hired supervision of Stanford Video. Stanford Video facilities are available for rent.

Do you rent videos?

No. But many of the videos we produce can be purchased from our clients.

My Life Story in Short:

Stanford University’s video production unit serves the campus and community from state-of-the-art studios conveniently located on Pampas Lane. Stanford Video offers a full range of production options - from high definition broadcast to classroom podcasts; on a full range of formats - from videotape to streaming media.

The studio is open 24/7 for broadcast feeds ensuring that when news is made, Stanford experts are there to analyze and inform the public.

Association (people/orgs):

Gordon Gurley
Director of Stanford Video

Gordon heads Stanford Video. As a true working manager, he also edits and produces programs, including the Stanford Executive Briefing series for the Graduate School of Business. Gordon received a BA in Television from SJSU, where he studied fine art and graphic design before settling into television and film. Gordon owns of a successful audio recording studio and has over 18 years experience in the video industry.

Catherine O’Brien
Director of Business Development and Client Relations
Catherine has developed video programs for Stanford for the past eighteen years. As the former Director of Stanford Video she oversaw the studio’s move to the current location and the conversion to full high definition production. Catherine works with faculty to identify Stanford content and delivery platforms for video programs. Over the course of her career in video and television production she has worked extensively on both sides of the camera. She has received numerous awards for productions including Stockdale Triumphs: A Return to Vietnam, a program following Adm. James Stockdale back to Wah Lo prison in Hanoi. As director of her own video production company in New Hampshire she was honored with the American Bar Association's Silver Gavel for a documentary on the first amendment. She created the "Stanford Video" series of business and health programs that are distributed internationally and produced the PBS program, Forgive for Good with Dr. Fred Luskin.

Ryan Roberts
Director of Operations

Ryan supervises all phases of Stanford Video’s production and post-production, schedules and supervises production crew and oversees all equipment. Additionally, when Stanford faculty and fellows comment on the news, chances are they are speaking from our on-campus studio with Ryan coordinating the feed. Ryan manages all the network satellite and fiber optic radio and television feeds for clients including CBS, CNN, BBC, NBC, and many others around the country. Serving Stanford for over a decade, Ryan also runs camera and audio for studio and field productions as well as setting the lighting and editing the final program.

Karen Sutton
Executive Producer/Director

Karen produces and directs a variety of programs including documentaries, PBS television series and live interactive webcasts. She also directs and produces keynote speaker engagements and live special events for high-level state, national, and international visitors including the Dali Lama, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bill Gates. Karen manages the award winning series Uncommon Knowledge and the Stanford Roundtable, both of which have been distributed to over 100 PBS affiliates nationwide and recipient of multiple Telly Awards. As part of the department upgrade, Karen was responsible for spearheading the relocation and redeployment of Stanford University’s multi-camera production studio and editing facilities. Additionally, she supervised all visual, technical and integration aspects to design a hybrid facility accommodating analog and digital capabilities for Stanford Video. Karen began her career in sales and marketing and has spent the last 15 years in the video industry from traditional broadcast production to software based new media systems. She holds a BA in Broadcast Communications from State University College at Buffalo, NY.

Cameron Bill
Post-Production Supervisor

As Post-Production Supervisor, Cameron supervises various productions and handles all of the encodings, captures, and conversions for all of the various digital formats Stanford Video offers. Need a video converted for iTunes or onto a DVD? Cameron will handle it. And in keeping with Stanford Video tradition, he also shoots, produces, and edits. After graduating from Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film program, Cameron has worked on features, television shows, and documentaries from Tinsel-town to Timbuktu... literally.

Don Davis
TV/IT Engineer

Born, raised, and educated in the Bay Area, Don now plies his skills as Stanford Video’s TV/IT Engineer. After graduating with a degree in Broadcasting from San Francisco State University, he worked several tours of duty around San Francisco's television market including KRON, KTVU, and KQED and transitioned into IT as a Systems Administrator for TechTV. Settling in at Stanford, Don takes care of matters both Engineering and IT.

Rob Huffman
Administrative & Production Associate

When you arrive at Stanford Video, Rob will be the one to greet you. Being front and center in the organization, he handles administrative and office management duties such as billing and procurement. Additionally, he engineers live television and radio feeds (e.g., CNN, NPR), one-camera shoots in the studio, field audio recordings (namely lectures), voice-over recordings, podcasts and video teleconferences. Rob holds an MA in English and a BA in Film. Before coming to Stanford Video, he worked in the publishing field as well as for the Scottish government. He is also a DJ at KZSU, Stanford.

In addition to a dedicated staff, Stanford Video contracts with a proven pool of talented free-lance television professionals.


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