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This film festival aspires to bring intimate stories about/from the life of an individual - a personal anecdote on observing, waking, healing or
transforming the self - the myriad expressions, dark & light, of human mind,
body & soul, as a response to life within & without. The festival hopes to
inspire us all to reflect on human life & its journey so far, and search for our
individual purpose that can guide the legend we are to create & contribute to
our humanity. We request to share that personal film/story to 'we' wishing to
know you, him or her as ‘me’.


Films on: Transformative Community Projects; Biographies of Celebrated Leaders; Contemporary Human Rights Issues; Philosophical/Anthropological Studies or Stories on Social Values, Violence & Justice; Insights into Present Geopolitical Issues; History of Pains and Perspectives from Cultures/Countries Across Globe; Historical Events Not Registered by Global Media.
Any form : films of any length (shorts and features)
Film projects which are open to non-exclusive distribution (online/webcast, worldwide).
Films which are in English or suitably subtitled in English (films originally produced in regional languages are welcome).
Multiple submissions are welcome.
Entries for selection are required to be sent either electronically or in DVD format only.
Electronic Submissions: Please note that the festival requires the file(s) to be in high resolution (720p or better), and preferably .MOV (QuickTime) format.
DVD Submissions: Please note that the festival will not be able to return the submitted DVDs. To facilitate customs procedures, the entry package from overseas should be labeled "Only for cultural purpose, no commercial value".
For festival participation, films must fit the festival theme and criteria.
All films rewarded by the audience are showcased under 'Previous Winners' section of the site.
A winning film can be removed upon request after a minimum of two years since the date of winning. As the festival is bound to follow international fund transfer formalities, all requested documents for reward remittance clearance will need to be furnished by all winning films.

SUBMIT BY:  May 7, 2016


Electronic Submissions: http://dropbox.yousendit.com/CultureUnpluggedFestival

DVD Submissions:
Please fill the form here and mail your film to one of the following locations:

Asia: Culture Unplugged Studios
Office #2, 4th Floor, Oakwood Premier,

81, Mundhwa, Koregaon Park Annex,

Pune 411036, Maharashtra, India

America: Culture Unplugged Studios
c/o Martha Montiel
800 Menlo Ave #220
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Pacific: Culture Unplugged Studios
650 West Coast Road,
Auckland 0604,
New Zealand

if mailing by NZ post:
Culture Unplugged Studios
PO Box: 20587,
Auckland, 0641,
New Zealand

*Request: When you courier/mail your film DVDs to us, please state your name /address & film title(s) on the package (under return address label). Thank you.

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These tags will represent the central themes of the film, and will help the seeking audience to understand the core issues addressed by the film.
To assure accuracy in film-tags, please select maximum up to 4 tags. The social issue tags you select here will appear with your film to help the audience understand the topics/themes addressed by your film.
Human Life: Human Community:   Human Exploration:  
 Food, Water & Livelihood
 Housing & Sanitation
 Health & Healing
 Human Body
 Religion & Belief
 Education & Culture
 Governance & Politics
 Communication & Culture
 Media & Society
 Race, Gender, Identity
 Poverty & Oppression
 War & Conflict
 Crime & Violence
 Human Rights
 Indigenous Rights
 Inter-Cultural Relations
 Leadership & Transformation
 Economies & Ethics
 Equality & Fair-share
 Sustainability & Simplicity
 Freewill, Freedom & Duty
 Peace & Non-violence
 Art & Creativity
 Science & Discoveries
 Ego & Identity
 Feminine & Masculine
 Earth as Mother
 Animals as Friends
 Farming & Food
 Environment & Ecology
 Energy & Resources
 System Designs & Ideas
 Transcendent Visions
 Spiritual Awareness
 Energy & Cosmos
 Integral Theory & Practice

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To complete the submission, please send the DVD copy or electronic file of your film. Please ensure that it includes English subtitles (if your film is in a language other than English) and is of high quality. We assure you that we will respectfully present the art+message of your film.
Thank You.

Electronic Submissions: http://dropbox.yousendit.com/CultureUnpluggedFestival

DVD Submissions:
Please mail your film to one of the following locations:


Watch films (documentaries, short films, talks & more) at this online film festival. Discover film-makers and their voices. Learn about social issues prevalent in the current world. Vote for the art & entertainment that is evolved and exists for transformation towards new future. Promote consciousness about humanity & environment - our culture, nature & life driven by the spiritual state, individual and collective.