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Shamans of the Reindeer Herders of the Northern Mongolia Taiga| 36mins
Director: Susan Ross Grimaldi & John R Lawrence Jr PhD | Producer: Susan Ross Grimaldi & John R Lawrence Jr PhD
Focus Years: 2013 | Country: United States
Subject Tags: americas, belief, community, culture, healing, mongolia, united states
Quality Tags: Optimistic, Slow, Activating, Harmonizing
In Mongolia, traveling by horseback to the most northern region of the Sayan Mountains, located on the edge of the Siberian frontier, a captivating story unfolds of a quest to find shamans among a small band of nomadic, reindeer herders, known as the Dukha. Cresting a mountain pass, the nomads are spotted living in teepees in a high valley along a stream of clear water. A herd of reindeer grazed nearby. Three shamans are featured in this film preforming shamanic rituals. The Dukha are among the last nomadic, animal-dependent, self-subsistent cultures remaining in the world. Their way of life has been passed down through an untold number of human generations. They currently face many challenges as they struggle to maintain their ancestral lifestyle in an ever-changing world.
Shamans of the Reindeer Herders of the Northern Mongolia Taiga | 36mins

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