In Her chest
She gathers the soul-sparkles
The beings and becoming children of Dawn
Incubating seen unseen events
In Her womb!


She’s seen springing in downward sprite
Clad in Kali’s smile
Penetrating the home of the mortals!

Armed with Love’s warriors
Faiths and Will
She has landed here among us
With the word from Ether
To make the final master strokes
On ‘the canvas’ crowded by face o’ chaos…
Her ethereal strokes in countless colors, each for each
To mutate ‘the frame’ into a farm of infinity
Which flowers simplicity, serenity, singularity
Whence His knowledge is unveiled by Faiths
Her action, unfolded by Will.


Into the gate of our home we call Gaia
Stands now a conjoined shadow of smile n smirk
Gifting us an appearance of choice
For the destiny already scribed
in Her glory’s gold.

Spirit of the festival Poem BG Image

Divine Feminine? How do we see it?

Divine Feminine is the most intense force
which is, relentlessly at work;
integrally present in all details, all aspects,
all moments, with perfect discrimination
and proportion; equally poised in light or dark
as the eternal, lasting love. When perceived,
it is the grand subjective reality, that is
infusing, creating, fermenting, designing and
transforming the objective reality,
at micro as well as macro planes of life.

Themes for ‘Global Feminine’:

  • Divine Feminine: Our perceptions
  • Four Fundamental Aspects: Divine Mother; Sacred Fighter; Sweet Lover; Soulful Teacher
  • Superconscient Visions: Dream dispatched by Her through special souls
  • Sacred Speech: Her presence and ‘word’ relayed to mass humanity
  • The Mother: Universal symbol and significance behind it
  • Global Feminine: Poetic or prophetic expressions and actions as rays of Her light
  • Her Workers, Weavers & Warriors: Teachers, Healers, Creative Artists, Activists, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Mothers
  • Integral Masculine vs. Partial Masculine: The masculine energy demystified
  • ‘Life’ In Her: Earth as Her ‘cosmic womb’
  • Sacrificial Fire: Divine activism to manifest future
  • Grand Mission: Her mission & manifesto for humanity
  • Core Fields of Divine Feminine: Education; Health; Aesthetics; Enterprise; Governance; Science; Spirituality

Themes (Suggestion for your Community Workshops):

  • Healing through Wholeness of Beauty (by healers)
  • Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence (by teachers)
  • Discovering & Fueling Collective Will (by activist/leader/entrepreneur)
  • Clarifying Receptivity & Creativity (by creative/artist)
  • Tuning into the Integral Sight (by teachers)



Global Feminine
United Worlds Of, By, For the Feminine
Who is this Feminine at work, in the world? Contemplate?

Would you like to join this special mission which aims to gather the true workers of Her light and aspires to be a part of the global contemplation? Do you strongly feel the impulse to explore, express and enlighten our collective being which is in the midst of an evolutionary birth?

In the current age of misidentified ‘masculine’, and difficulties in discovering the authentic ‘feminine’, an integral gaze over our contemplations & activations, to globally empower The Feminine, is an imperative need of our time. Behind the frightening face of our current world, lurks the peaceful and creative smile of the Divine Mother! Shall we discover and unveil the future of Life in Mother Earth?

Are we ready to serve Her mission?
An Invitation awaits...

Admit One Join?
Culture Unplugged - consciousness matters!

Contemplate in the solitude, or organize conversations/workshops for your community.

Small Flower Together we are! In mutuality and gratitude, lets cherish our camaraderie in this special time
designed to support the deepest calling to birth anew, the expiring humanity!
Lets discover ‘Her Voice’ and sing in unison to vibrate our specie to a new level of becoming!


Need Graphics + Posters?

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Together, we are the ‘Global Feminine’ – creating the movement & becoming the collective force!

In mutuality and gratitude, lets cherish our camaraderie to support the deepest calling to birth anew, the expiring humanity! Lets sing in unison to vibrate our specie to a new level of becoming!

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