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My Life Story in Short:

Anjali Monteiro and K.P. Jayasankar are Professors at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Monteiro has a Masters degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Sociology. Jayasankar has an M.A. in German studies and a Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences. Both of them are involved in media production, teaching and research. A presiding thematic of much of their work has been a problematising of notions of self and the other, of normality and deviance, of the local and the global, through the exploration of diverse narratives and rituals. These range from the stories and paintings of indigenous peoples to the poetry of prison inmates. Jointly they have won twenty two national and international awards for their films. These include the Prix Futura Berlin 1995 Asia Prize for Identity- The Construction of Selfhood, Best Innovation, Astra Film Festival 1998, Sibiu, Romania for YCP 1997, Best documentary award at the IV Three Continents International Festival of Documentaries 2005, Venezuela, for SheWrite ,Certificate of Merit, Mumbai International Film Festival 2008, Indian Documentary Producers Associuation (IDPA) Gold for Best Sound Design, Gold for Best Script and Silver for Editing for the film Our Family. Their most recent award is the commendation for Do Din Ka Mela (A Two Day Fair) in the Intangible Culture (Music-Dance-Performance) category at the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film . Vibgyor Film Festival, Kerala, Bangalore Film Society and Madurai International Film Festival have organised retrospectives of their work in 2006, 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Previous Endeavors:

The Young Workers 
1987, U-matic (PAL), 1 hrs. 40 mins.

A Document on the Denotified Tribes in Maharashtra
1988, U-matic (PAL), Part I and II, 60 mins

The Fifth Schedule
1988, U-matic (PAL), Part I & II, 44 mins

Lage Jiva Ghar Ghar A Document on Women and Shelter 
1990, U-matic (PAL), 44 mins.

From the Diary of a Genetic Counsellor 
1991, U-matic (PAL), 30 mins.

Magra Mewar Vikas Sanstha 
1991, U-matic/(PAL), 68 mins.

One Hundred Years Of Drought 
1993, U-matic (PAL), 21 mins.

Sudha Police Station Gayi Thi: 
On the Demystification of Police Procedures for Women 
1992, U-matic (PAL), 16 mins.

Odhni: A Collective Exploration Of Ourselves, Our Bodies 
1993, U-matic(PAL), Col., 23 mins.

The Plot Thickens… 
1993, U-matic (PAL), 14 min.

The Construction of Selfhood 
1994, U-matic(PAL), 20 mins.

A Document on Reconstruction in Post-earthquake Marathwada 
1995, U-matic(PAL), 58 mins.

Kahankar : Ahankar (Story Maker : Story Taker) 
1995, U-matic (PAL), 38 mins.

YCP 1997 
1997, U-matic (PAL), 43 mins

The Striders
U-matic (PAL), Col., 7 mins, 1997

Water to the People
Towards Community Participation in Rural Drinking Water Schemes 
U-matic (PAL), Col., 34mins., English, Marathi, 1998

Jungle Tales
-Surviving Development in Uttara Kannada
 Beta, 52 mins., English,1999

Self Representation
 DV, 5 mins, English, 2000

Saacha (The Loom)
 DV, 49 mins., English, 2001

Reconstructing Communities
 DV, 52 mins, Part I &II, English, 2002

Naata (The Bond)
DV, 45 mins., English, 2003

DVCam, 10 Mins, English, 2004

 DVCam, 55 mins, Tamil and English, 2005

 DVCam, 10 mins, Tamil and English, 2005

 DVCam, 10 mins, Tamil and English, 2005

DVCam, 10 mins, Tamil and English, 2005

Elephant Story 
DVCam, 10 mins, Tamil and English, 2005

Unheard Voices
 DVCam, 27 mins, English, 2006

With the People
 DVCam, 5 mins, English, 2006

Becoming Salma
 DVCam, 21 mins, Tamil and English, 2006

Gender Unpack
 DVCam, 28 mins, English, PSBT, 2006
(Concept and Executive Editor for this series of 4 short films)

Our Family 
DVCam, 56 mins, English, 2007

DV, 90 secs, 2009

Irani Restaurant Instructions 
DV, 3 mins, English, 2008

Do Din ka Mela 
HD, 60 mins, English, 2009

Climate Justice for All 
DV, 16 mins, English, 2009

A Short Film on Rain
 DV, 2 mins, 2009

So Heddan So Hoddan (Like Here, Like There)
 Produced by PSBT, HDV, 52 mins, English, 2011

My Films:

  • Do Din Ka Mela
    Documentary, 57mins



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